Penang in all its complexity is presented in bite-sized stories, guides and interviews, to be taken in and savoured slowly.

Traditional trades are being heavily promoted these days, but other than the trade, were you ever curious as to what goes on in the daily lives of these traders and wondered what their thoughts are? Janice Kua talks to Bala, one of the flower garland makers along the Street of Harmony.
An experience like never before and a worthy ‘gift’ to bring home with you. Do you love eating? And what about eating authentic Penang cuisines? Just out of curiosity, we spent a morning at the Tropical Spice Garden Cooking School and here, we’d like to share our experience. By Janice Kua.
So much about Penang’s heritage, arts and culture, have you encountered the nature side of the city and want to explore them? Janice Kua compiles an exciting list of must-see ecosites in Penang. Experience them!
Traditional traders of Penang are much talked about but have you ever wondered how they live and what goes on in their daily lives? Janice Kua talks to Mr. Haja Mohideen of Kedai Songkok OSM Mohd Shariff in George Town.
The Paper Oblation Craftsman of Penang are much talked about but have you ever wondered what their produce are used for and how these unique ‘artwork’ are made? Janice Kua talks to Ah Ban, one of the paper oblation craftsman in Penang.
Penang’s “gold bazaar” is mainly made up from Chinese goldsmiths along Campbell Street, together with Indian and Arab jewellery shops along the Street of Harmony in George Town. Of these, many have been operating for decades and are still going strong today. Janice Kua talks to Mr. Yuva of VKN Jewellers, eager to learn of their daily operations and how gold is made in Penang.
Here’s a guide on good spots to chill, exhale, have a drink, people watch or simply be with friends for an evening out while enjoying the different facets of Penang. By Su Aziz
Here are a handful of indoor and outdoor activities from sedate bookish events to robust blood-pumping actions that you can be a part of while in Penang.
Here are a handful of dishes that capture Penang for what it is – a multicultural society and history with a large dose of colonialism.
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