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Penang as a free port once teemed with foreign merchants that traded not only wares but their culture. This exchange of world views made Penang an exciting cosmopolitan city back then and modern day Penang is no different. Only this time, the draw is not trade but art! 

Ever since George Town Festival commissioned Lithuanian artist Ernest Zacharevic to create 6 wall murals in 2012, George Town’s street art scene has never been the same again. Zacharevic shot to international fame with his murals and George Town’s walls in turn have acted as a canvas to some of the most interactive artworks the city has seen.

Some might even say that certain iconic wall murals have gained so much recognition that they are on par with other Penang cultural landmarks like the KOMTAR building or Penang Ferry. This artistic boom has opened many doors for local and international artists, inspiring many others to unleash their creativity on the walls of Penang’s buildings.